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Select the link (below) according to your proposed major.

Placement exam for Math 147/151/171 bound students

Agriculture and Life Science: Biochemistry, Genetics and
Biological and Agricultural Engineering,
Plant and Environmental Soil Science

Architecture: Visualization and Construction Science majors

Engineering: All majors

Geosciences: All majors

Science: All majors (including MATH, PHYS, CHEM, GENE, BAEN, and BICH majors)

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General Studies:  Complete the Placement Test for either Math147/151/171 or Math131/141/142 or 166 based on your intended future college/major as indicated on this chart.  

Placement exam for Math 131/141/142/166 bound students

Agriculture and Life Sciences: All majors except those listed above

Architecture All majors except B.S. in Visualization and Construction Science

Education and Human Development: All majors

Liberal Arts: All majors unless exempt. *See details

Mays Business School: All majors

Veterinary Med & Biomedical Science: Biomedical Sciences and University Studies majors

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* Students in College of Liberal Arts may be exempt. This information is located on 'New Aggie Math Assessment Requirement and Exemption' page.

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